What is it?

Fun, friendly and exciting!

And a great way to explore the world around you!

Schools Adventure Racing is a team sport where the team consists of four members where at least one should be of the opposite sex. An adventure race consist of different legs that could be made up of hiking, running, kloofing, river crossings, mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, rope work (eg, abseiling & raft building), rock climbing,  orienteering, special obstacles and tasks that could include environmental assistance to the local community or area where the event take place.
This is the news

Lichtenburg High School is hosting the 2017 SA Schools AR champs in conjunction with Compass Sport. The race organizer this year promised a fun filled event with some adventures that will require basic skills. Nothing serious but still challenging when under pressure and tired. Bring a friendly attitude and you will walk away with n experience of a lifetime. Remember our motto, ” Do it for enjoyment, not for employment”

NB: The North West is Mamba country and teams must be very vigilant. Mambas attack only when cornered or if you get too close to their territory and all teams must prepare for and be ready to handle the situation when presented with this hopefully unlikely situation. To our knowledge the best is to stay calm, move away slowly without making noise. The venom of the black mamba is extremely toxic. Its bites can deliver about 100–120 mg of venom on average and the maximum dose recorded is 400 mg. It is reported that before antivenom was widely available, the mortality rate from a bite was nearly 100%. The bite of a black mamba can potentially cause collapse in humans within 45 minutes, or less. Without effective antivenom therapy, death typically occurs in 7–15 hours.

Results for the wet and muddy SA Schools Adventure Race Champs 2016  held in the Eastern Cape can be found under the same title under events. Well done to all teams that participated. Also see a letter of congratulations. We look forward to an exciting 2017 of SchoolsAR and all of you should keep an eye on the website for information.

Some underwater action during the 2016 SchoolsAR Provincials at Marico Oog.

2016 Provincials 18 Septemeber – Groot Marico

The start venue for the 2016 Provincials is Stille Waters Resort just outside Groot Marico. Details can be found in the Newsletter 4 in the Events section. Participants can sleep with their parents and only have to arrive at 05:00 to start registration until 05:30 when the briefings will start. Teams can put up gazebo’s at the start already on the Friday but note that the seconds will leave immediately after the start of the race to go to a transition area where they will wait for the teams to arrive and take their bicycles to another transition area (with the racers). We anticipate seconds to spend at least 3 to 4 hours at the first transition and at least 2 hours at the second transition. Both do not really have shade so be prepared.

We look forward to an exciting race.

Provincials Entry Form – Gauteng, North West, Free State

Entry forms are now available under the Events tab. Accommodation to be booked as not to be disappointed. The briefing in the morning and finish of the race is close to the Town of Marico so accommodation close-by would be recommended. Be prepared for rough terrain on your mountain bike and be prepared to hike-a-bike over rocky paths for quite a distance.

Please do not use towing devices if you have not trained with them and if they do not have emergency cut -off possibility. The rocks are very sharp on this route and you will hurt yourself seriously if pulled over without control.

Swimming goggles could also come in handy for one or two of the special tasks on the hiking and biking legs.

The venue for the briefing will be advertised three (3) days before the race and you should keep an eye on the website for late changes or useful information.

No teams or their representatives are allowed to scout the Marico area from now until after the race.

Good luck with your training and remember to have fun.


19 Augustus is hier en Linden en Laerskool Louw Geldenhuys gaan avontuurkamp toe. Die Provinsiale byeenkoms is bevestig vir 17/18 September in die Groot Marico omgewing. Geen spanne mag sonder toestemming van die Lichtenburg organiseerders van nou af in die omgewing gaan oefen nie asseblief.

The 2016 SchoolsAR Provincials

The date is set for 17 September. Lichtenburg in cooperation with Compass Sport will host the 2016 Provincials in the Lichtenburg area. Lots of fun and endurance activities are planned and teams are reminded to start training and compiling their teams soonest to ensure smooth entry. Make sure your navigation skills are honed and your sense of humour is stable.Details will follow soonest regarding disciplines, times, etc. Keep a lookout on the site.

Follow the link for a short photo presentation of the Adventure camp hosted for Helpmekaar Kollege

From 18 to 20 April we are hosting the Helpmekaar newcomers at Klipkraal where we are going to teach them the basic skills needed to participate in Schools Adventure racing. This year the South African Championships will be held in the Eastern Cape and hosted by Lilyfontein School. If you cannot make the camp, keep a lookout for training events that that we will be hosting over the next few months.

If any other schools are interested in training camps please do not hesitate to contact us. christo.horn@letacla.co.za

We have organised with NEVAREST to assist with live tracking of our GAuteng Provincials. Please see under Live Tracking for detailed instructions. This is very exciting and hopefully will keep parents informed on a live basis. At the moment it is free but the developer indicated that it would cost in the region of R10.00 per participant in the future. Very reasonable for such an excellent tool. Hopefully we can make use of this service in all future races.