What is it?

Fun, friendly and exciting!

And a great way to explore the world around you!

Schools Adventure Racing is a team sport where the team consists of four members where at least one should be of the opposite sex. An adventure race consist of different legs that could be made up of hiking, running, kloofing, river crossings, mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, rope work (eg, abseiling & raft building), rock climbing,  orienteering, special obstacles and tasks that could include environmental assistance to the local community or area where the event take place.
This is the news

Schools AR 2018 Dates

The dates for the Gauteng Provincial as well as the SA Championships are now available under the “Events” tab.

Should you have dates of any School AR events you want to have on the website please send us a mail at info@schoolsar.co.za

Helpmekaar Kollege is hosting the 2018 Gauteng and SA Schools AR champs in conjunction with Compass Sport. The race organizer this year promised a fun filled event with some adventures that will require basic skills.

Nothing serious but still challenging when under pressure and tired. Bring a friendly attitude and you will walk away with n experience of a lifetime. Remember our motto, ” Do it for enjoyment, not for employment”

We are willing to come and visit your school to introduce Adventure Racing for Schools. We show a 15 minute video that showcase most of the disciplines involved in Adventure Racing. All you have to do is contact us and we will organize a presentation that include a question and answer session.